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Chiara Daraio

Chiara Daraio

G. Bradford Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics; Investigator, Heritage Medical Research Institute

Degrees and Appointments

B.S.; M.S., University of Ancona (Italy), 2001; M.S., University of California (San Diego), 2003; Ph.D., 2006. Assistant Professor, Caltech, 2006-10; Professor, 2011-21; Jones Professor, 2021-; HMRI Investigator, 2021-.


Research Group Matters
Carolina Oseguera
362 Gates-Thomas Laboratory
(626) 395-4271

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Research Overview

Prof. Daraio’s research focuses on engineering new materials with advanced mechanical and sensing properties, for application in robotics, medical devices, and vibration absorption. Her group developed new materials and methods for acoustic imaging and thermal sensing in medicine and health monitoring. Recently, her group began exploring new materials from engineered living systems, creating plant-based biological matrix composites with new functionalities.

List of Research Areas

materials science, condensed matter physics, solid mechanics

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