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Applied Physics Seminar

Wednesday March 14, 2018 2:00 PM

Hybridized metasurfaces: A new twist in flat optics

Speaker: Cheng-Wei Qiu, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Location: Noyes 147 (J. Holmes Sturdivant Lecture Hall)

Abstract: I will report some of the most recent developments in my group as well as in the field of the interfacial engineering of manipulation of light-matter interactions, via the artificially constructed structures of ultrathin thickness compared to the wavelength. In particular, the low-dimension and high-frequency scaling may promise a lot more interesting applications, while the challenges in design principle and fabrication capability will become critical limits. Nano-patterned surfaces to modulate and structure novel light behavior will be studied and the following advanced functionalities will be discussed: 3D meta-hologram, high-pixelated nanoprinting, dynamic OAM generation, and more interestingly, the 2D-material meta-lens of <1nm thickness, etc. Our work paves a roadmap to design sophisticated and advanced optical devices, with low dimension, miniaturization, randomness, and scaled-up capability.

Biography: Prof. Cheng-Wei Qiu received his B.Eng. and Ph. D. degree in 2003 and 2007, respectively. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Physics Department in MIT till the end of 2009. Since December 2009, he joined NUS as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in Jan 2017. From 1st Jan 2018, he was promoted to Dean's Chair in Faculty of Engineering, NUS. He was the recipient of the SUMMA Graduate Fellowship in Advanced Electromagnetics in 2005, IEEE AP-S Graduate Research Award in 2006, URSI Young Scientist Award in 2008, NUS Young Investigator Award in 2011, MIT TR35@Singapore Award in 2012, Young Scientist Award by Singapore National Academy of Science in 2013, Faculty Young Research Award in NUS 2013, OSA Young Investigator Award 2017, and Young Engineering Research Award 2018 in NUS. He has managed over 10 million grants as Lead PI, and 6 million grants as co-PI. His research is known for the structured light for beam manipulation and nanoparticle manipulation. He has published over 160 peer-reviewed journal papers so far, including Science, Science Advances, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, PRL, ROPP, Light: Sci. Adv., etc. He has given quite a few Keynotes in international conferences. He has been serving in Associate Editor for various journals such as EPJ, Scientific Reports, JOSA B, and Guest Editor for ACS Photonics, Light: Sci. Appl., and General Chairs, Symposium Chairs, and TPC Chairs in various international conferences.

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